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HEAT ROLL™ Floor & Ceiling Electrical Heating Film 

Acquire™ Industries provides a variety of smart materials used in the construction of smart structures, such as our HEAT ROLL™ Printed Electric Heaters. Utilizing an electric heating film, which is printed on flexible substrates, our HEAT ROLL™ printed electric heating system provides efficient heat transfer to surfaces and can be easily laid under floors or above ceilings to provide radiant heat to a space.

Incorporating an electrical heating film into your upcoming building construction or restoration project can provide numerous advantages over traditional heating methods. Heating is important for regulating temperature in a building and keeping operating costs manageable. Our HEAT ROLL™ Printed Electric Heaters mitigate the loss of heat through forced air convection and rely on electric resistance to deliver radiant heat to surfaces and objects, which greatly benefits all occupants.

HEAT ROLL™ Printed Electric Heaters can also be used outside of a property to allow for the melting of snow from steps and walkways. Browse our selection of electrical heating film and supplies, including our HEAT ROLL™ Grounding Sheath, Foil to Barrel Connectors, Foil to Foil Tap Connectors, and more. Or purchase our HEAT ROLL™ Smart Heating Kit, which comes complete with our POWER ROLL™ Flat Conductor Cables, a compatible junction box, and a Wi-Fi-connected thermostat.