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Advanced Materials for Buildings and Construction


Acquire™ Industries develops smart technologies using advanced materials and components for the construction and retrofitting of buildings, including Aerogel Insulation, HEAT ROLL™ Printed Heater Elements, POWER ROLL™ Flat Conductor Cable (FCC), and more.

Utilizing such technologies and materials in the construction or renovation of buildings provides many benefits. While Aerogel is primarily used in the aerospace oil, and gas industries, advanced building materials such as Aerogel Insulation blankets boast a high R-value and improved thermal performance when used in building construction as well. Products such as our POWER ROLL™ Flat Conductor Cables also allow you to provide you a space-saving alternative to electrical wiring when compared with standard round cables.

Utilizing our smart technologies and advanced materials for your construction and renovation projects will provide you with improved sound insulation, thermal insulation, fire resistance, and more. Contact Acquire™ Industries today if you wish learn more about the benefits of incorporating our components and materials for the construction or renovation of buildings.