Insulate Floors with Aerogel Blanket 

Prevent heat loss and save the environment.

Switch to a high performance underlayment!

Save up to 20% in yearly energy expenses

Eliminate over 500g per sq. ft. in CO2 emissions

Improve comfort for year-round climate change


Poor insulation value for cost and thickness, without any particular advantage to the environment.

Low thermal insulation value

Too many options for tile or wood floors

Organic (plastic)


No energy savings


All-in-one thermal insulation, flameproofing, water barrier, sound buffer and uncoupling membrane.

Best thermal performance (over R-7/in.)

Used for tile and wood floors

In-organic (mineral)

Flameproof (Non-combustable)

Up to 20% in energy savings

Perfect underlayment for under electric or hydronic RADIANT HEATING systems.


Payback & ROI? 

For every 150 sq. ft. of uninsulated basement concrete floor per year.

Up to $1600 cost savings

2 - 9 year payback

Up to 170% Return

Calculated using the national average electricity cost of $0.12 per kWh. and heating load of 1500W (5120 BTU) per 150 sq. ft. area.

Existing Underlayments

$75 - 300 material cost

25-year lifetime

No yearly savings

Aerogel Insulation

$579 material cost

40-year lifetime

Up to $50 savings per year

Offered a better thermal break to help achieve the desired building envelope for our client.

Jake K.


Aerogel blanket was super fast to install. It’s a little dusty, but settles pretty quick.

Tom K.


It’s like a light down feather jacket for your home that you can enjoy in warm or cool climates.

Stacy H.

Home Owner

Aerogel Insulation

5-in-1 blanket underlayment for resilient building construction and improved energy savings.

Thermal R-Value over 7 per in.

Fireproof & non-combustable

Soundproof ratings (Delta IIC & STC)

Water resistant (super-hydrophobic)

Uncoupling Membrane for tile

Starting from $49

Check for local rebates on improving building insulation

Free shipping (6-7 business days)

60-day return policy

10 year warranty

ASTM C1728 classified

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