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Flat Electrical Wiring Supplies

Electrical wiring is an important aspect of any building project. Wires and cables inside buildings need space and proper coverings to make your building safe for occupants. You want an electrical wiring system that will also maximize your useable space. Flat Electrical wiring supplies like our POWER ROLL™ are made of insulated copper foil conductors on rolls. Flat conductor cables weigh less and take up less space than traditional round cables while still allowing you to tap into branch circuits anywhere behind floors, walls, and ceilings.

Buildings that incorporate our flat electrical wiring supplies will prove more flexible than traditional electrical wiring as electrical codes and safety standards continue to change over time. Future-proofing your buildings with such products will also increase property value and save property owners money in the long run. Consider incorporating Acquire™ Industries flat electrical wiring supplies for your next building restoration or construction project.