Our approach to product design and development leverages the latest advances in electrical and materials engineering technologies that differentiate our solutions from other offerings within the energy and infrastructure sectors. Working together with industry partners, we perform R&D, testing, technical implementation and fascilitate commercialization.


Our methods of planning and executing next-generation electrical and materials engineering applications for energy and infrastructure projects entails cost-benefit analyses, risk planning, technology transfer and co-ordination with various stakeholders. Alongside industry partners, we provide sub-consulting, sub-contracting and sub-manufacturing services.




TORONTO, CANADA -- October 27, 2017 -- Acquire Industries Ltd. has developed a patent pending technology marketed under the name HEAT ROLL™ licensed exclusively to Acquire Labs -- a subsidiary venture in the design and supply of planar and flexible roll-to-roll printed electronics starting with heat trace applications. The firm is preparing to raise venture capital for Acquire Labs, which will provide engineering design services to clients seeking pre-assembled HEAT ROLL™ devices or field-assembled HEAT ROLL™ device sets for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

We invite collaboration from industry, government, and academia to take part in a broad range of projects in aerospace, construction, property management, power and transportation. Currently, the firm is seeking field evaluation and validation partners for HEAT ROLL™ SX Series - Snowmelt & De-icing heating panels manufactured by Acquire Labs. Projects are expected to take place Winter 2017/18, which will include 2-track heated driveway, walkway, roof and transport trailer-top applications that demonstrate suitable business cases with measurable cost-savings.




  • Energy-efficient Transformers for electrical retrofits
  • Harmonic-mitigating Transformers for power quality
  • Mini Power Centers for distribution side service
  • Solar PV Coatings for improved efficiency


  • Self-cleaning Coatings for reduced operational costs
  • Self-sanitizing Coatings for bacterial control
  • Anti-graffiti Coatings for protection and preservation
  • UV/IR Reflective Window Coatings for energy savings


  • update 3
  • The politics of snow-melt

    Posted on : August 21, 2017

    "So how do you figure your return on investment?"
    A few months ago, I spotted a news story about Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who happens to be a Republican. He was catching heat from the...

  • update 2
  • CPEIA becomes intelliFLEX
    Innovation Alliance

    Posted on : 6 September, 2017

    Canada's Printable Electronics Industry Association (CPIEA) has re-branded as intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance, bringing together industry leaders and supporting start-ups like Acquire Industries Ltd. -- an active member.

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  • HEAT ROLL™ Overview
    Alternative Heating

    Posted on : 27 October, 2017

    Currently, the firm has positioned itself for market entry in residential, commercial and industrial heating applications using roll-to-roll manufactured printed electronics marketed under the name HEAT ROLL™ by Acquire Labs.

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  • HEAT ROLL™ Test Sites
    Snowmelt & De-icing

    Posted on : 30 October, 2017

    Acquire Labs is seeking prospective clients and industry partners for field evaluatation and validation of HEAT ROLL™ SX Series - Snowmelt & De-icing heat trace panels this Winter 2017/18.

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When the technology that has the potential for revolutionizing an industry emerges, established companies typically see it as unattractive ... But then another company steps in to bring the innovation to a new market.