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Launching two new divisions of Acquire™ in heating & power...

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ACQUIRE INDUSTRIES LTD. ('Acquire™') is an engineering firm and OEM manufacturer located in Toronto, Canada specializing in Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing methods leveraged primarily for electric works. Core technologies include printables, textiles, coatings, and concretes used across a broad range of applications such as heating, lighting, sensing, power generation and distribution.

Acquire™ has pioneered in the integration of flexible and printable electric heater elements leading to the emergence of a new technology and manufacturing platform. HEAT ROLL™ is the world's first electric heat trace cable in planar format, integrating our proprietary ground sheath/jacket and termination methods for a compact, fast and scalable assembly over large surface areas.


Products leveraging Advanced Materials & Advanced Manufacturing while integrating legacy technologies that differentiate our solutions from previous offerings. Working together with industry partners, we engage in R&D, standards development, technical implementation and fascilitate commercialization.


Projects focused on field deployment of Advanced Materials & Advanced Manufacturing including planning, feasibility studies, risk assessments, cost-benefit analyses, technology transfer, and co-ordination with various stakeholders. Alongside industry partners, we provide consulting, contracting and manufacturing services.


TORONTO, CANADA -- September 17, 2018 -- Acquire™ Industries announces its two divisions, Acquire™ Heating and Acquire™ Power supplying new products in flexible electric heat trace and power distribution cabling for the US & Canada. These divisions will also provide engineering design services to clients and support customers in residential, commercial, and industrial applications as well as for public works.

On October 22, 2018, Acquire™ Heating will offer HEAT ROLL™ R-Series Heater Element product lines certified to UL 499 and CSA C22.2 No. 72 as recognized components for use in room heating applications. Pre-order sales will be available for HEAT ROLL™ RL-Series Heater Elements for use under floor coverings converted with integral ground sheath and thermal insulation underlayment. Also available for pre-order, HEAT ROLL™ SX-Series Heater Elements used for seasonal overground snowmelt and de-icing of pavements with pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

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  • HEAT ROLL™ SX Series
    Pre-order NOW

    Posted on : 30 October, 2017

    Acquire™ Heating is taking pre-orders from for HEAT ROLL™ SX Series Heater Elements for Snowmelt & De-icing over pavement surfaces.

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  • Acquire™ Heating
    HEAT ROLL™ Online Launch

    Posted on : 19 September, 2018

    As of October 22, 2018, Acquire™ Heating will launch online for sales and pre-orders of HEAT ROLL™ Heater Elements and additional components including connectors, insulating tapes, and hand tools.

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  • HEAT ROLL™ SX Series
    City of Vaughan Demo

    Posted on : March 16, 2018

    "HEAT ROLL™ SX Series Demos"
    Acquire™ Industries places its first HEAT ROLL™ SX Series prototypes for the City of Vaughan in Canada as part of their Test City program...

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  • HEAT ROLL™ Technology
    Business Case

    Posted on : 6 September, 2017

    Acquire™ Industries makes the business case for HEAT ROLL™ Technology, comparing printed heater elements to existing solutions for space heating and snowmelt/de-icing.

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Acquire Industries holds a Certificate of Authorization (CofA) from Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and operates within the Province of Ontario. We are a Canadian company operating in international juresdictions with temporary licenses.

Location Toronto, Canada

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